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When the founding principals of B+G Design relocated from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami in the Spring of 2021, the design duo opted to transition to an 1,800 s.f. sky-high residence overlooking Biscayne Bay. They completed a full renovation of the interiors including a total kitchen remodel and adding an expansive pantry and foyer. The design includes bespoke built-ins, new bedroom and bathroom layouts and maximized storage opportunities. Apart from the structure of the steel staircase, they stripped the original apartment and reenvisioned every space. The creative process for this home took them on a journey where they balanced functional minimalism with their personal taste.

The overall design concept is a complete departure from their former home, a 1970s contemporary coastal residence in Ft. Lauderdale. The aesthetic of their new Miami interiors is a modern approach with a mix of sculptural furnishings in matte black, white and a variety of natural tones. The mood evokes a sensual sophistication inspired by their travels. Textured fabrics, marble, Parisian-style moldings and a curated selection of objet-d’art soulfully characterize the high-design of this Miami abode.