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Aventura Magazine sat down with Florida's hottest designer twosome

Some couples say they could never work together because it would drive them crazy. What is the key to making it work?

I think it’s not just one key component but a combination of a few that makes it work; understanding each others strengths and weaknesses and playing off of them, respecting each other, good listening skills, and above all, putting our relationship as a priority.

What aspect of working together do you most enjoy?

The process of creating is what we enjoy the most. We both have our own individual voice but we improve each other’s ideas. That’s where the “+” in our business names comes in.

What are the challenges of working with your partner?

We both have strong personalities, and if we are tired, our listening skills go out the window!

What is it about your personalities that makes your partnership work?

Brett is very technical and systematic in the way he works. I work very intuitively. We’re both detail-oriented; that’s where we meet in the middle.

What advice would you give couples thinking of going into business together in order to keep the partnership harmonious at work and at home?

My best advice is to respect, trust, communicate and love each other. Also, be open to change. We’ve learned in order for a business and a relationship to grow you have to be open to change.